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Why to become our member?



The members are given space to present their services and products at our events – conferences, workshops and public expert discussions as well as in our expert publications , researches and white papers.


It is an opportunity to participate in the making of new standards for the advertising market.


You obtain the latest information from the current happening on the digital market in Slovakia and in the world.


The wide membership span and it’s co-working activities provide you access to the latest information from the Slovak internet market.  At the same time you obtain new contacts that can move your business forward.

We are a member of  IAB Europe and The Association for the Protection of Journalistic Ethics (APJE) and its executive body The Print-Digital Council of the Slovak Republic (PDC).
We cooperate with  Association of Digital and Marketing Agencies (ADMA).


Members involved in AIMmonitor acquire 30 percent discount to AIMmonitor research, which includes complex socio-economic data that helps you direct your market policy towards the external environment.

You can participate in our educational programs  as lectures or participants at reduced fees.


We propagate good news from slovak digital market through our IAB.news – weekly newsletter (more than  250 subscribers) and our social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


We join slovak online market.

You will join other 40 members of IAB Slovakia – the biggest Slovak publishers, media agencies and other important players active in online advertising.


Who can become a member?

The membership is open to the media, who commit to monitoring its traffic in the single official measurement tool for Slovakia – AIMmonitor. The membership is also available for agencies and other legal entities, mainly but not exclusively, advertisers.


Membership application and fee

You can apply for the membership by submitting an official registration form with the compulsory supplements. Eventually, your membership must be approved by the General Meeting and the Executive Board in accordance with the valid membership statutory terms. The process of accepting new members is amended in paragraph 4 of the valid statutory terms.

After the membership approval into the Association you will be sent an invoice for the membership fee. Annual membership fee is €990. In case that you joined the Association in the course of the year, you pay the aliquot part from the annual fee. You are obliged to cover the full amount for the month you joined in. This is amended by the paragraph 6 of the valid statutory terms.

Documents to the membership:

For more information contact us at: karpelova(zavináč)iabslovakia.sk