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IAB Europe research: Cross-media measurement and quality metrics remain top of agenda

Brussels, 7th September 2017

IAB Europe’s new Digital Measurement Priorities Reportdemonstrates that the priorities for driving brand investment into digital still lie in cross-media measurement and quality metrics.


The Report draws on a survey of 700+ buy and sell-side stakeholders from across Europe. The results echo the findings of the first IAB Europe Digital Measurement Priorities Report highlighting that industry-wide solutions are to be found across these areas. This is particularly important in the context of the fact that digital ad spend now leads TV by over €7bn and investments in programmatic advertising continue to increase. The top three priorities coming out of the 2017 survey are:

  1. Cross-media measurement
  2. Integration with programmatic tools
  3. Viewability and brand safety for underpinning quality digital advertising

Cross-media measurement

Both buy and sell-side stakeholders indicate that cross-media evaluation and a better understanding of how digital works in combination with other channels are important to drive more digital investment. In this context and as large advertisers continue to shift their brand advertising money into digital, stakeholders want to be able to measure TV and digital more than any other media combination.

IAB Europe’s efforts to drive effective cross-media measurement are focused on enabling cross-industry discussions and facilitating the development of common best practices and standards across Europe’s borders via our Measurement Organisations Forum.

Integration with programmatic tools

Programmatic advertising has continued strong growth over the past few years and is now a €5.7bn market. More than 90% of stakeholders state that is it important for industry-agreed digital audience and effectiveness studies to be available in programmatic trading tools alongside measurement and trading data.

IAB Europe’s efforts in advancing programmatic trading across Europe are focused on enhancing transparency and education in key areas such as mobile and data.

Viewability and brand safety for underpinning quality digital advertising

As per ongoing industry discussions, viewability and brand safety are top of mind when it comes to determining contact or environment quality. All stakeholders agree that a move towards viewable rather than served impressions is important and in terms of contact quality, measuring the length of time an ad is in view, particularly for video, is top.

IAB Europe is working with EACA and WFA in a cross-industry European Viewability Initiative4which aims to address improving the accuracy and consistency of measuring the viewability of delivered impressions which will be a vital step towards identifying realistic brand exposure levels and will help to make digital advertising more directly comparable with TV where ‘opportunity for the consumer to view’ or ‘opportunity to see’ an advertisement is the accepted tenet for brand advertising.

For more informations see  IAB Europe Report: Digital Measurement Priorities.