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IABmonitor is the measurement tool of the audience of the online advertising media. Data from IABmonitor are officially accepted data (single currency) by media agencies, advertising agencies and sponsors. IABmonitor offers data about visits of the internet media and socio-demographic profile of the online audience. Access to the data is for the purpose of planning, purchase and evaluation of the advertising campaigns of the internet media in Slovakia. This project was officially launched in January 2007. The sponsor of the research is IAB Slovakia and the project is executed by Gemius Slovakia.

You can find online public data of measurement on domain monitor.iabslovakia.sk

IABmonitor was known as  AIMmonitor until 31. 3. 2019. This change of the name and domain was related to updateing of methodology and transition to new methodics gemiusOverNight. More info you can find in document Metodics gemiusOverNight

IABonitor monitoring is executed by the gemiusAudienceTM system, which consists of these main parts:

  • gemiusTraffic measurement tool, which enables the monitoring of the usage of a webpage, assessing the reading scripts from the source code of the webpage. This system counts the number of visits (cookies), impressions (PV), the time visitors spends on the webpage and technical parameters of the user devices.
  • Pop-up panel, which secures the collection of socio-demographic data about the web page visitors.


  • provide single data for planning, purchase and evaluation of the advertising campaign for the internet media – data about visits are publicly available for all potential sponsors in the online application OLA www.aimmonitor.sk
  • establish the real number of the internet users (Real users, further on RU) by using BrowserIDTM identifier and BEASTTM algorithm
  • offer data about visitor traffic of the particular media involved, about frequency and intensity of consumption for the internet content (number of real users, number of impressions, time spent, number of visits, number of cookies…)
  • offer socio-demographic structure of the media, based on the panel data (who are the visitors, age group, occupational profile, wage conditions…) and help an effective business policy and creation of the structure of the online media content
  • provide comparable data about the behaviour of the users, regardless of the browser, system or device
  • enable aggregation and comparison of the metrics between particular media involved in the research

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